Stanislaw Poniatowski

He was born in October 6 in Ceranów, near Siedlce. He was the son of Francis and Anna Wiedrowskich. He graduated high school in Warsaw, then in the years 1902-1905 he studied mechanics at Warsaw University of Technology. In 1903 he was imprisoned in the X Pavilion of the Citadel because of belonging to a secret student organization "Unification". In the years 1904-1906 belonged to the PPS. As a school strike result, he went to Zurich, where he studied anthropology under the direction of R. Martin and archeology with M. Heierlieg. He graduated and received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The doctoral dissertation Ȕber den Einfluss der Beobachtungsfehler auf die anthropologischen Indices” appeared in Polish under the title The Influence of observational errors on anthropological indicators in Warsaw, 1912. After returning to Poland he was an assistant in the Laboratory of Scientific Society of Warsaw.